HB 2052 Required Helmet Use For All Ages on Motorcycles, ATVs, Motor Driven Cycle Riders, or Passengers

Dr. Randall Friese, a representative from the Tucson area, has proposed a new helmet law. HB 2052 will require all motorcycle, atv, motor driven cycle riders or passengers to wear a helmet. A person may waive the requirement if they pay a fee to the MVD when registering the vehicle. The fee is to be determined the director. Anyone cited for not wearing a helmet or paying the fee will pay a five hundred dollar fine. Two hundred of which would go to the Spinal and head injury trust fund. He proposed this same bill last year and it went nowhere. David Gown, the speaker of the house does not like this bill. I believe we need to contact our representatives and senators to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that a mandatory helmet law is an encroachment on our personal freedoms. You can go to www.azleg.gov to find your legislators and when you pull up their name there is a link to send them an email. 

You can contact Speaker Gowan at dgowan@azleg.gov

Some facts we can use in our arguments-

1- A helmet is a placebo. The vast majority of rider fatalities are due to internal injuries and loss of blood.

2- From raw data, 57% of rider fatalities are of riders who were wearing helmets.

3- The best way to survive a motorcycle wreck it to not be in one.

4- Rider training and public awareness are the most effective ways to prevent motorcycle fatalities.

5- Any bill designed to reduce motorcycle fatalities should focus on reducing the cost of and encouraging undergoing rider training.

Last year, during out handlebar height bill hearings, ATVs were brought up. The representative from Yuma worried that unsafe handlebars would increase injuries and deaths. The truth is that most ATV wrecks are due to inexperience, and/or intoxication.

If Dr. Friese is interested in reducing trauma and death resulting from motorcycle wrecks, he would better use his office to promote and rider training among all riders.